shutter release

I’m usually not the „writing person“ itself. But special situations bringing up special thoughts.

Let’s focus on us. Not on individuals. On friendship  – our families – the people around us which are making our lives to that what it is. What it is about in the end.

Focus on positive things, not easy for me as you know #purerealist (sometimes not soooo bad, believe me) – I’m not that kind of person. Just before I saw a message on facebook what makes me still #believing  #music
Just imagine such a moment! Would love to be part of this!


There are some pictures coming into my mind….

*You always have the choice*


*Fun* – 2019-collage




#pastaathome #gintonicathome #notoiletpaper-uuuups 😉 #didimentionginalready

#keephumour #takecarethatthelittleonesdontgetscared


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